deerwood_diaper_detail3We All Love Nature

The beauty, the grandeur – but what is perhaps the most awesome is the uniqueness of every living form. No animal is alike, no plant or stone the same as any other. Although trees may share the same species, each is individual – unique – and stands alone; a perfectly balanced part of its environment, each tree combining together to make a forest. We at Deerwood take our cues from nature to create a custom and unique log home that, like the trees with which we work, blends into its surroundings; one more unique piece of the eloquent whole.

pineconeNature’s Design

This is a process that begins, and ends, with nature. From concept to completion, we work with our hands to shape the materials of the earth into a home that is uniquely yours. Naturally. We start with only the finest logs, hand-picked in the Rocky Mountain forests from only standing dead timber. The low moisture content of these trees will reduce shrinking and log movement in your future home, plus, we don’t have to damage the environment by killing living trees. Timber is chosen for straightness, twist, smoothness and taper, then hand-peeled at the log yard using the same old-fashioned draw-knives used by our ancestors when building their own homes. Once the logs for your home have been carefully selected and prepared, they are fitted together in a painstaking process of hand-scribing to ensure the natural contours of each log will conform to one another smoothly. This done, saddle notches are cut into each log, then finished with hand tools for a cabinet-tight fit.

malletShavingsTraditions of Excellence

The idea of a custom-designed, handcrafted log home is nothing new. In fact, it was Swedish immigrants who first brought the old-world traditions of hand-scribing and saddle-notching to the Centennial Valley near Laramie, Wyoming – the same techniques we at Deerwood still use today. Our craftsmen are not only specialists in their fields, each is also experienced in every phase of construction to assure precise attention to detail for every facet of your home. We like doing things the old-fashioned way at Deerwood, building on traditions of craftsmanship and quality developed and perfected over generations. And of course, all of our homes incorporate innovative architectural details to suit your individual needs.

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