Deerwood Log Homes


Learn more about the types of homes and cabins we build

Timber and Log Construction

Timber and log home construction is a timber frame structure that uses either round or flat sided log fillers. Round logs are are naturally tree-shaped, hand-peeled logs stacked between the timber posts and sealed with chinking. Flat sided log fillers are logs milled flat on the exposed sides, stacked between the timber posts and sealed with chinking. The squared faces can be hand-hewn using a broad ax for a rustic look.

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Deerwood log homes are created using only standing dead trees that are hand peeled and hand scribed by our craftsman and fit to perfection. The log shell is first constructed in our log yard, then disassembled, moved on-site and re-erected by our own crews.

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Choose either chink style, Swedish cope, or hand hewed dovetail log home construction types

Conventional Construction

Conventionally-framed structures with log or timber features added to both the exterior and interior of the home. This allows you to have a traditionally-framed home with the added elegance of log or timber accents.

Renovations, Remodels, and Additions

Renovations and remodels for homes, barn restorations, or cabins.

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We invite you to visit with us, examine the quality construction of our homes and observe our crew of experienced craftsmen at work. Finished homes surrounding Laramie, Wyoming and the Centennial Valley are available for viewing. This would be an excellent opportunity to see the finished homes, talk to the owners and see how satisfied they are with the quality and design of their homes.