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“It has been our privilege to be counted as customers of Deerwood Log Homes for over 7 years. We have found their attention to detail and discipline to timing commitments to be unmatched by anyone else we’ve experienced. We feel we’re qualified to make this appraisal since we’ve managed several remodeling and building projects over the past 30 years in three different states with a multitude of contractors. It is a pleasure to know them personally and we appreciate their thoughtful creativity when designing projects. We would strongly recommend your retention of their services to finish your next important building or remodeling projects.”

Ann and Tad

Centennial, Wyoming

“You are an excellent builder. We are both thrilled with the house you built for us. You created a house which reflects exactly what we wanted. It is ‘home’ to us. At the risk of being effusive, your professional experience, knowledge, and your creativity made our building process a delight. You always listened carefully, and worked hard to incorporate our ideas into the home. Never once did we feel overwhelmed. You were always there to guide and walk through-and explain in layman’s terms -what needed to be accomplished to create the look we wanted. Your skill in hiring excellent crews to build our home was reassuring. Every single person who worked on our home was experienced and worked at 100% effort. Thank you.”

AL and Helen

Centennial, Wyoming

“When my husband and I decided to build a house in Laramie, we asked around about recommended building contractors and kept hearing Kelly Cole’s name. We interviewed several, but quickly learned the Kelly and Deerwood had the strongest reputation regarding skill, integrity, efficiency, transparency, and timeliness. It was an easy choice. We wanted a contemporary home and had some unconventional ideas. Kelly and his crew were more than willing to take on the challenge. Throughout the eleven-month process, they listened carefully to what we had in mind and produced something even better than we could have imagined. Having never built a home before, we were naive about how important the subcontractors would be and Deerwood’s were simply stellar. Kelly kept us informed throughout the process about the budget and where we might experience changes in costs. His monthly statements were thorough and understandable and…on budget. Even our bankers loved Deerwood! We are thrilled with the end result, a home that suits us perfectly. The intangible benefit of having Kelly and his crew as our contractor that we didn’t anticipate is they became our good friends.”

Marilyn and Skip

Laramie, Wyoming

“Deerwood made my build process so enjoyable and stress free. They really listened to my ideas and were great to make suggestions that complemented the home I was imagining. From design to finished construction the quality and craftsmanship was beyond my expectations. Their care, thoroughness and detail orientation was evident from the start. I would highly recommend Deerwood to anyone for their build.”


Centennial, Wyoming

“We all cared enough about each other to accomplish the dream of our lifetime. Kelly Cole, our builder, translated this dream, with his insight, sprit and his devoted team. With only one visit, it was all done long distance, and there is not one thing I would change.”


Centennial, Wyoming

“Have to tell you Kelly that the experience we have had building our house and working with your crew has been nothing short of amazing. The quality and craftsmanship that your guys have put into our house is beautiful. I often said to Rick that I felt they were building their own house. In particular JD has taken such pride in his work and has been so nice to work with! Anyway, thank you, our house is beautiful beyond what I could have imagined!”

Michelle and Rick

Centennial, Wyoming

“It is actually hard to fully articulate the quality and character of Kelly and Tucker Cole and the team at Deerwood Log Homes. Kelly was the architect and builder of our log home approximately 20 years ago. So, in 2018, we called on him once again to design and build a major addition. Kelly has creative ideas, great visualization of the final design and an easy manner with people. As it turns out, so does his son, Tucker. And this time, Tucker managed our project. From a quality standpoint Deerwood Log Homes simply builds a house that is “head and shoulders” above other local builders. It’s the leadership and the team that make that possible. The team we had were young and educated, with a desire to build the best. You can see it in the hours they worked, the finishing touches and overall seamless delivery.

We lived out of state and never worried about personally monitoring the work. The honest and ethical way they treat their clients is evident from the beginning. Deerwood Log Homes has prospered for decades with a simple philosophy to just provide a better product.Our total kitchen renovation and addition of 3 bedrooms and 2 baths was completed with many unique and custom requests, including cabinet design and finishes, lighting, stone work, outside decking and handcrafted logs. The addition is seamless internally and on the exterior with the rest of the home. It is significant to note this was accomplished through the Deerwood Team’s creativity, problem solving, craftsmanship and experience.Thank youfor continuing to operate a business producing quality homes with integrity and trust as your cornerstones.”

Susan and Ken

Centennial, Wyoming

“I cannot adequately express what a pleasure it has been for us to work with someone of your talent, commitment and integrity. As you know, we relied heavily upon your judgment on so many of the decisions, and it served us very well. We truly love the way the home turned out, which is the ultimate reward ….”


Cheyenne, Wyoming

“When we decided to build our log home we knew that having a house built remotely would be a challenge. We wanted a local builder who was trustworthy, utilized local contractors, and provided a quality log home. After extensive research, we decided on Deerwood Log Homes. We were pleased with Kelly Cole’s approach to design and construction as well as impressed by his very clear explanation of cost/billing procedures. During the entire build process, Kelly and his experienced team kept us informed of their progress and solicited our input at every decision point. We traveled to the site periodically and maintained contact via telephone or internet to facilitate the decision process. Any changes we made during the build were readily incorporated into the design. Kelly made sure that every aspect of the house was completed to our satisfaction.The overall quality of work/craftsmanship is visible throughout and actually exceeded our initial expectations. The entire experience was a positive one, and we highly recommend Deerwood Log Homes.”

Donna Marie and John

Centennial, Wyoming

“We love the house in fact I’m spending so much time nesting I don’t check my emails as often as I should. Most of the neighbors have come over for a tour. Your expertise and attention to details is so apparent. Gary has been such a help to us. It’s the little things like the handrail he put up in the garage after I broke my leg. Kelly you have made our only experience at building a house a joy and we will not be moving ever. Thanks for everything. We feel that we found the best builder for our log home and made special friends as a bonus.”

Elke and Dave

Encampment, Wyoming


We invite you to visit with us, examine the quality construction of our homes and observe our crew of experienced craftsmen at work. Finished homes surrounding Laramie, Wyoming and the Centennial Valley are available for viewing. This would be an excellent opportunity to see the finished homes, talk to the owners and see how satisfied they are with the quality and design of their homes.