The first step in constructing a log home is devising a plan. Each homeowner has individual needs and desires, and Deerwood Log Homes is committed to customizing each home to its owner.

We begin with a simple sketch at a scale of 1/16″ = 1′ to come up with the basic layout of levels, rooms and approximate size. Using 3-D modeling, we generate floor plans, elevations, sections, furniture placement, etc. We incorporate innovative architectural ideas to suit each client’s unique vision of their dream home.

One option for our customers is the construction of the log shell only. This plan works best for those who want to finish their own home or who wish to utilize a contractor with whom they are familiar. The shells are constructed in our log yard near Centennial, Wyoming, then disassembled and shipped to the homesite, and finally reconstructed. We are capable of shipping log shells to almost anywhere in the world.

Log Shell


Another option is to have Deerwood “close-in” the home. This type of home is offered only to customers who are planning to build within a 100-mile radius of our log yard. A close-in package includes construction of the foundation, floor system, log shell, framing of the roof and interior, as well as cutting-in and installing exterior doors, windows and exterior trim. After this procedure, the home is then protected from the elements and ready for interior details.

Finally, we offer what is commonly called the turn-key home. Like the close-in package, this type of home is offered only to customers planning to build within a 100-mile radius of our log yard. In this type of home, Deerwood handles all phases of construction. From design and foundation to decks and carpet laying, we build each home to fit the custom needs and desires of the homeowner.


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