Deerwood Log Homes


Deerwood log homes are created using only standing dead trees that are hand peeled and hand scribed by our craftsman and fit to perfection. The log shell is first constructed in our log yard, then disassembled, moved on-site and re-erected by our own crews. x

Chink Style Log Homes

Naturally tree-shaped, hand-peeled logs with saddle notched corners and chinking placed between each log.

Swedish Cope Log Homes

Using natural tree-shaped logs, Swedish Coped logs are hand-scribed together with saddle notched corners offering a tight fit between logs and protection against the elements.

Hand Hewn Dovetail Log Homes

Logs are milled flat on the exposed sides and secured together with dovetail corners to ensure a tight fit. The joints between each log are sealed with chinking. The squared faces are hand-hewn using a broad ax for a rustic look.

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A log shell home includes just the log work. We prepare the window and door openings, trim the log ends, and prepare for framing. Not including shipping or re-erection on site.

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We invite you to visit with us, examine the quality construction of our homes and observe our crew of experienced craftsmen at work. Finished homes surrounding Laramie, Wyoming and the Centennial Valley are available for viewing. This would be an excellent opportunity to see the finished homes, talk to the owners and see how satisfied they are with the quality and design of their homes.